Thursday, January 2, 2014


Things have certainly been busy these last few months! While the fall had one of the longest semesters for both of our schools, we pulled through and had some enjoyable moments throughout it all.

We celebrated both our birthdays in November. For Caitlin's, we took a day trip to visit some mountains outside of Kyoto where we walked in a bamboo forest and fed monkeys (see photo). For Thomas', we went out for all-you-can-eat Japanese table top barbecue.

Feeding monkeys for Caitlin's birthday.

Also in November, KIUA held its annual school festival. Thomas was quite busy helping his homeroom make fried potatoes and a Korean barbecue dish called bulgogi. It was a hectic but successful day, and he was very thankful that he got the following Monday off. (His birthday!)

Caitlin spent a lot of November and December preparing for the Jubilee Kids Christmas concert. On December 14th the students put on an hour and a half concert for their families which included singing, dancing, a short drama, and piano recitals. The school's founder also gave a message on the meaning of Christmas. As most of the students come from non-Christian homes, this was an exciting opportunity to share the gospel with them.

We have been enjoying visiting Caitlin's family in Tokyo for our Christmas holiday (see photo). It's been a lovely time of relaxation and celebration. We will be traveling back to Kyoto on January 4, and we both will resume work on Monday, January 6.

Christmas in Tokyo with Caitlin's family.

What else is happening?
  • We enjoyed going on a church hike at the end of November (see photo). We're beginning to feel at home as we build relationships with our neighbors and coworkers in Kyoto. 
  • Next week, Caitlin will begin teaching a new class to older students at her school.
  • We will both be starting the last semester of this school year. (The Japanese school year ends in March.)
Hiking in Ikoma, near Kyoto.

This month, please remember these prayer requests:
  • Pray that we will continue to grow together and be a blessing to each other and to those around us.
  • Praise God for opportunities to share the gospel!.Pray for those affiliated with our schools who do not have a saving relationship with Christ and were exposed to the gospel through programs this Christmas season.
  • Praise God for new friendships, and pray that we will continue to adjust to life in Kyoto.
  • Praise God for the opportunities we have to serve him at the schools we teach at. Pray for wisdom and enthusiasm as we enter the new semester.
Caitlin and Thomas

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