Thursday, May 31, 2012

It has been an exciting month!

I arrived in Japan on May 9. Two days later, I travelled north to the region devastated by last year's tsunami (see photo). It was exciting to see that farm fields I helped to clear last summer have now been planted. And it was heartbreaking to see abandoned homes. 

After returning to Tokyo, I began my work at CRASH Japan of organizing projects (see photo), including emotional care for trauma victims, Gospel concerts to show Jesus love, and training Japanese pastors in disaster response. Over the past year,  CRASH Japan has distributed food, cleaned up houses, and provided counseling. To learn more about CRASH Japan, watch this 3-minute video.

What else has been happening? 
  • I provided childcare for staff kids at Christian Academy in Japan, the missionary kid school where my parents have served for the past 25 years.
  • I have been preparing to give a presentation on June 19 at Sophia University on stopping human trafficking. This is one way I'm involved with Not For Sale Japan, a group I was involved with last summer.
  • I got engaged on May 17! My fiance, Thomas Berney (see photo), teaches English as a second language at Kyoto International University Academy, a Christian international school that educates missionary kids and the next generation of Japanese Christian leaders. We plan to get married in the summer of 2013, after which I will join him in Kyoto.

Thanks for your continued prayers:
  • Pray that the relief efforts will continue, and rebuilding will become possible.
  • Praise God that CRASH Japan has successfully transitioned to the Partnership Phase. Pray that survivors will be blessed by the ministries CRASH Japan supports, and that through them many may come to know God.
  • Pray that my anti-human trafficking presentation at Sophia University will raise awareness and motivate those attending to join the abolition movement.
  • Praise God for my engagement! Pray that wedding plans will go smoothly and that my Japanese studies will progress, in preparation for ministry in Kyoto from the fall of 2013.



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